Arttitud in San Francisco's SOMA District carries Luxury Furniture from Europe. With a focus on top designers, designs, materials and manufacturers, the pieces available through the showroom- especially ones on custom order- will stand out anywhere in the world.

One of the many top product lines represented at Arttitud is Edra, an Italian manufacturer known for outstanding and outrageously oppulent designs, from designers like the Campana brothers, some of the top designers in the world.


Edra was founded in 1987. Characterized from the outset by a highly innovative approach to design and manufacturing, its roots were nonetheless solidly planted in an established tradition of furniture making that the Mazzei family had maintained since 1949. The revolution introduced by Monica and Valerio Mazzei, offspring of the founding generation, and by Massimo Morozzi, art director from the start, began from a specialized knowledge of production methods and developed in one of the richest historical, artistic and craftsmanly contexts in the world, Tuscany.

The name Edra derives from a compression of the Greek word exedra, which refers to an architectural space reserved for philosophical conversation, confirming that right from the beginning, Edra was focused on the relationship between the furniture it produces and the architecture that hosts it. A relationship of respect, but also of the reciprocal ability to surprise by refusing to accept stereotypes and clichés. As such, since 1987 Edra has sought to propose innovative objects at the cutting edge of contemporary design, both formally and technologically.

Objects-icons that embody the Edra spirit and therefore difficult to imitate, far from the contrived quest for superficial details, capable of becoming 'contemporary classics', conserving their power over time and, precisely for this reason, achieving timelessness.

This is why Edra's pieces are found not only in the most interesting interiors of the past quarter century, but in the permanent collections of the world's foremost design museums, including the Centre Georges Pompidou (Paris), MoMA (New York), the Triennale Design Museum (Milan) and Vitra Design Museum (Weil am Rhein), not to mention major museums in Chicago, Lisbon, Montreal, Tokyo, Lausanne, Munich, Philadelphia, Hamburg, Tel Aviv, Vienna, Helsinki, even the remote Icelandic Museum of Design and Applied Arts in Reykjavik. | | | European Furniture in San Francisco

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